Buyer Services offers top quality services to help transact in a secure, transparent and trusted environment. We ensure that we give buyers, comprehensive supplier and manufacturers’ business information, production capabilities, product quality and certifications to help them find trusted & capable seller. 

Buyers also get Trade Assurance using Escrow services to ensure that payment is only released to Supplier on full satisfaction of order conditions. 


We strive to make our platform secure
for all transactions.


Transparency between buyer and seller
is a core feature of our business.


Trust is earned. Use Viwanda and experience
the difference.

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Viwanda Trade Assurance

Protection of both the buyer and seller online orders when payment is made via platform

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Business Credit Check

Our system is connected to all the major Credit Bureaus in South Africa for business credit vetting.

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Cost Estimation

Link to, helping you to compare global freight costs, booking and management for over 8000 companies 

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